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Refer to the exhibit.

clip_image001 is planning to implement load balancing for traffic between hosts on the and 172.16.20./24 networks. You have been asked to review the implementation plan for this project. Which statement about the plan is true?


A.       It is complete as written.

B.       It should include a task to configure EIGRP multipath equal to 2 on R1 and R4.

C.       It should include a task to implement OSPF because it handles unequal cost load balancing most efficiently using variance.

D.      It should include a task that establishes a baseline before and after the configuration has been changed.


Correct Answer: D




Refer to the exhibit.




A new TAC engineer came to you for advice. A GRE over IPsec tunnel was configured, but the tunnel is not coming up. What did the TAC engineer configure incorrectly?


A.       The crypto map is not configured correctly.

B.       The crypto ACL is not configured correctly.

C.       The crypto map is not applied to the correct interface.

D.      The OSPF network is not configured correctly.


Correct Answer: B




Refer to exhibit. RouterA (DR) failed, and after 10 minutes it came back. Which two statements are true? (Choose two)



A.  RouterA is a DR

B.  RouterA is a BDR

C.  RouterA is a DROTHER

D.  RouterB is a DR

E.  RouterB is a BDR

F.  RouterC is a DROTHER


Correct Answer: CD


Which of the below mentioned conditions form a neighbor relation in EIGRP? (Choose Three)


A.       Hello or ACK received

B.       AS number match

C.       Hello timer match

D.      Identical metric(k vlaues)

E.       Dead Timer Match

F.        Network Time Match


Correct Answer: ABD




Refer to exhibit. The exhibit shows R1 topology table to reach network.



Which route(s) will be installed in routing table of R1 to reach network after configuring R1 with the following command?


Router(config-router)# variance 2


A.       R2 only

B.       R2 and R3

C.       R2 and R4

D.      R2, R3 and R4


Correct Answer: A




Refer to the following.



What happens to packets that are forwarded from the network to the Null0 interface?


A.       Flagged

B.       Accepted

C.       Summarized

D.      Dropped


Correct Answer: D




In which state do DR and BDR establish adjacency with each OSPF router in the network?


A.       Init State

B.       Exstart State

C.       Exchange State

D.      Loading State


Correct Answer: A




A stub area is typically created using what kind of topology?


A.       Broadcast

B.       Point-to-point

C.       Hub and spoke

D.      Full Mesh


Correct Answer: C




To configure 6to4 tunneling on a dual-stack edge router. Which three of the following are valid components in 6to4 Tunneling configuration? (Choose Three)


A.       IPv4 Tunnel IP address

B.       Tunnel mode (6to4)

C.       Tunnel Keepalives

D.      IPv4 Tunnel Destination

E.       IPv4 Tunnel Source

F.        6to4 IPv6 address (within 2002::/16)


Correct Answer: BEF




Which two among the following are used to indicate external type of route in routing table? (Choose two.)


A.       D EX

B.       IA

C.       O E2

D.      R E2

E.       i L2


Correct Answer: AC


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