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CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA

Question No: 191 – (Topic 4)

What information does a router running a link-state protocol use to build and maintain its topological database? (Choose two.)

  1. hello packets

  2. SAP messages sent by other routers

  3. LSAs from other routers

  4. beacons received on point-to-point links

  5. routing tables received from other link-state routers

  6. TTL packets from designated routers

Answer: A,C

Question No: 192 – (Topic 4)

Refer to the exhibit.


Assuming that the entire network topology is shown, what is the operational status of the interfaces of R2 as indicated by the command output shown?

  1. One interface has a problem.

  2. Two interfaces have problems.

  3. The interfaces are functioning correctly.

  4. The operational status of the interfaces cannot be determined from the output shown.

Answer: C

Question No: 193 – (Topic 4)

Refer to the exhibit.


The company uses EIGRP as the routing protocol. What path will packets take from a host on the network to a host on the LAN attached to router R1?

  1. The path of the packets will be R3 to R2 to R1.

  2. The path of the packets will be R3 to R1 to R2.

  3. The path of the packets will be both R3 to R2 to R1 AND R3 to R1.

  4. The path of the packets will be R3 to R1.

Answer: D

Question No: 194 – (Topic 4)

Refer to the exhibit.


What is the effect of the configuration that is shown?

  1. It configures SSH globally for all logins.

  2. It tells the router or switch to try to establish an SSh connection first and if that fails to use Telnet.

  3. It configures the virtual terminal lines with the password 030752180500.

  4. It configures a Cisco network device to use the SSH protocol on incoming communications via the virtual terminal ports.

  5. It allows seven failed login attempts before the VTY lines are temporarily shutdown.

Answer: D

Question No: 195 – (Topic 4)

The network administrator cannot connect to Switch1 over a Telnet session, although the hosts attached to Switch1 can ping the interface Fa0/0 of the router.


Given the information in the graphic and assuming that the router and Switch2 are configured properly, which of the following commands should be issued on Switch1 to correct this problem?

  1. Switch1(config)# line con0 Switch1(config-line)# password cisco Switch1(config-line)#login

  2. Switch1(config)# interface fa0/1

    Switch1(config-if)# ip address

  3. Switch1(config)# ip default-gateway

  4. Switch1(config)# interface fa0/1 Switch1(config-if)# duplex full Switch1(config-if)# speed 100

  5. Switch1(config)# interface fa0/1 Switch1(config-if)# switchport mode trunk

Answer: C

Question No: 196 – (Topic 4)

Refer to the exhibit.


What is the meaning of the output MTU 1500 bytes?

  1. The maximum number of bytes that can traverse this interface per second is 1500.

  2. The minimum segment size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

  3. The maximum segment size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

  4. The minimum packet size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

  5. The maximum packet size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

  6. The maximum frame size that can traverse this interface is 1500 bytes.

Answer: E

Question No: 197 – (Topic 4)

Which parameter would you tune to affect the selection of a static route as a backup, when a dynamic protocol is also being used?

  1. hop count

  2. administrative distance

  3. link bandwidth

  4. link delay

  5. link cost

Answer: B

Question No: 198 – (Topic 4)

Which two statements about the OSPF Router ID are true? (Choose two.)

  1. It identifies the source of a Type 1 LSA.

  2. It should be the same on all routers in an OSPF routing instance.

  3. By default, the lowest IP address on the router becomes the OSPF Router ID.

  4. The router automatically chooses the IP address of a loopback as the OSPF Router ID.

  5. It is created using the MAC Address of the loopback interface.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 199 – (Topic 4)

Refer to the exhibit.


When running EIGRP, what is required for RouterA to exchange routing updates with RouterC?

  1. AS numbers must be changed to match on all the routers

  2. Loopback interfaces must be configured so a DR is elected

  3. The no auto-summary command is needed on Router A and Router C

  4. Router B needs to have two network statements, one for each connected network

Answer: A

Question No: 200 – (Topic 4)

Users on the network cannot reach the server located on the network. The network administrator connected to router Coffee via the console port, issued the show ip route command, and was able to ping the server.


Based on the output of the show ip route command and the topology shown in the graphic, what is the cause of the failure?

  1. The network has not fully converged.

  2. IP routing is not enabled.

  3. A static route is configured incorrectly.

  4. The FastEthernet interface on Coffee is disabled.

  5. The neighbor relationship table is not correctly updated.

  6. The routing table on Coffee has not updated .

Answer: C

Topic 5, IP Services

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