Cisco CCNP 642-902 Exam 72


Router E is configured with the EIGRP variance 2 command. What path will Router E take to reach Router A?

A. only E-D-A
B. only E-B-A
C. only E-C-A
D. both E-B-A and E-C-A
E. both E-B-A and E-D-A
F. all available paths.

Correct Answer: D

A network administrator recently redistributed RIP routes into an OSPF domain. However, the administrator wants to configure the network so that instead of 32 external type-5 LSAs flooding into the OSPF network, there is only one. What must the administrator do to accomplish this?

A. Configure summarization on R1 with area 1 range
B. Configure summarization on R1 with summary-address
C. Configure area 1 as a stub area with area 1 stub
D. Configure area 1 as a NSSA area with area 1 stub nssa

Correct Answer: B

Which is the most effective technique to contain EIGRP queries?

A. route summarization
B. configuring route filters
C. using a hierarchical addressing scheme
D. establishing separate autonomous systems

Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

Routers R2, R3, R4, and R5 have OSPF enabled. What should be configured on the routers in area 1 to ensure that all default summary routes and redistributed EIGRP routes will be forwarded from R6 to area 1, and only a default route for all other OSPF routes will be forwarded from R5 to area 1.

A. R5(config-router)# area 1 stub
R6(config-router)# area 1 stub

B. R5(config-router)# area 1 stub no-summary
R6(config-router)# area 1 stub

C. R5(config-router)# area 1 nssa
R6(config-router)# area 1 nssa

D. R5(config-router)# area 1 nssa no-summary
R6(config-router)# area 1 nssa
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. If R1 is configured for 6to4 tunneling, what will the prefix of its IPv6 network be?

A. 1723:1100:1::/48
B. FFFF:AC1F:6401::/16
C. AC1F:6401::/32
D. 2002:AC1F:6401::/48
E. 3FFE:AC1F:6401::/32

Correct Answer: D

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