Cisco CCNP 642-902 Exam 63


Which two types of routes will be advertised with the EIGRP configuration as shown? (Choose two.)

A. static
B. receive-only
C. summary
D. stub
E. connected
F. dynamic

Correct Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit. What happens when the router stops receiving advertisements for the network?

A. The summary route will be removed from the table.
B. The summary route will remain in the table.
C. The more specific routes will be advertised from the table.
D. will still be advertised but packets destined for it will be dropped when they reach this router.

Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

On all routers in the network, EIGRP has been configured for load balancing across the three links. However, traffic destined for Network B from R1 is only load balanced over paths R1-R2-R5 and R1-R3- R5. What is the cause of the problem?

A. EIGRP will not select more than two links for unequal cost path load balancing.
B. Because the path has a different link type, EIGRP will not select path R1-R4-R5 for load balancing.
C. Because Router R4 is not a feasible successor, EIGRP will not select path R1-R4-R5 for load balancing.
D. EIGRP will not select path R1-R4-R5 for load balancing unless the value of the variance parameter is increased.

Correct Answer: C

Identify three characteristics of EIGRP feasible successors? (Choose three.)

A. A feasible successor is selected by comparing the advertised distance of a non-successor route to the feasible distance of the best route.
B. If the advertised distance of the non-successor route is less than the feasible distance of best route, then that route is identified as a feasible successor.
C. If the successor becomes unavailable, then the feasible successor can be used immediately without recalculating for a lost route.
D. The feasible successor can be found in the routing table.
E. Traffic will be load balanced between feasible successors with the same advertised distance.

Correct Answer: ABC

Which three features are related to EIGRP? (Choose Three)

A. Support VLSM and discontiguous subnets
B. Link-state protocol
C. Partial routing updates
D. External Administrative distance is 100
E. Fast convergence.
F. Used by other vendors than Cisco

Correct Answer: ACE

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