Cisco CCNP 642-902 Exam 42


What technique should be used on BGP edge routers to prevent a multi-homed autonomous system from becoming a transit system?

A. Advertise with a high MED value all networks that are discovered via external BGP.
B. Set the no-export community attribute on all networks that are advertised externally.
C. Remove the AS-Path information on all routes in the BGP table prior to advertising externally.
D. Set the origin code to incomplete for all networks that are discovered via external BGP.
E. Only advertise networks externally if they have been discovered via internal BGP.
F. Use an outgoing distribution list to filter all networks not originating from inside the autonomous system.
Correct Answer: F

Which two methods advertise internal networks to external ISPs via BGP? (Choose two.)

A. using aggregate routes
B. disabling synchronization
C. forcing the next-hop address
D. defining routes via the network statement

Correct Answer: AD

Why should iBGP sessions be fully meshed within a Transit AS?

A. BGP requires redundant TCP sessions between iBGP peers.
B. A full mesh allows for optimal routing within the Transit AS.
C. Routes learned via iBGP are never propagated to other eBGP peers.
D. Routes learned via iBGP are never propagated to other iBGP peers.
E. Routes learned via eBGP are never propagated to other iBGP peers.

Correct Answer: D

When the BGP path selection process is being performed on a Cisco router, which BGP attribute is used first when determining the best path?

A. local preference
C. weight
D. origin
E. next-hop
F. AS-path

Correct Answer: C

Which two conditions can cause BGP neighbor establishment to fail? (Choose two.)

A. There is an access list blocking all TCP traffic between the two BGP neighbors.
B. The IBGP neighbor is not directly connected.
C. BGP synchronization is enabled in a transit autonomous system with fully-meshed IBGP neighbors.
D. The BGP update interval is different between the two BGP neighbors.
E. The BGP neighbor is referencing an incorrect autonomous system number in its neighbor statement.

Correct Answer: AE

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