Cisco CCNP 642-902 Exam 36


Refer to the exhibit. Router RT-1 chooses one path to network Indicate the reason Router RT-1 chooses this “best” path.

A. In making its decision about the best path, RT-1 gives precedence to the origin code.
B. In making its decision about the best path, RT-1 gives precedence to the BGP MED values.
C. IP address is lower than
D. In making its decision about the best path, RT-1 prefers the IGP metrics.
E. RT-1 prefers internal BGP routes.
F. IP address is lower than

Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Router RT-1 and router RT-2 both advertise network to router RT-3 via internal BGP. What is the reason that router RT-3 chose router RT-1 as its best path to network

A. It advertises the best AS-path.
B. It advertises the best origin code.
C. It advertises the best MED.
D. It advertises the best local preference.
E. It has a better router ID.
F. It advertises a lower autonomous system.

Correct Answer: E

During BGP configuration on a router that has peered with other BGP speakers, the BGP command aggregate-address is issued. However, the peers do not receive this aggregate network in BGP advertisements. Also, the router does not have this aggregate network in its BGP table. Which option indicates a possible reason this command did not cause the router to advertise the aggregate network to its peers?

A. Interface NULL 0 is likely shutdown.
B. The BGP command no synchronization is missing.
C. The BGP command no auto-summary is missing.
D. Subnets of do not exist in the BGP table.
E. The IGP running on this router does not have network installed.
F. The next hop IP address must be a loopback address.

Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. It is desired to set up a BGP neighbor relationship between routers R1 and R4. BGP packets between them could travel through R2 or R3. What is the simplest configuration that will allow for failover?

A. Configure BGP neighbor relationships between all interfaces on R1 and R4
B. Install a direct connection between R1 and R4.
C. Configure loopback interfaces on R1 and R4 to provide the update source address for BGP packets.
D. Configure only one neighbor relationship between R1’s interface and R4’s interface.

Correct Answer: C

Which BGP option is required when load sharing over multiple equal-bandwidth parallel links from a single CE router to a single ISP router over eBGP?

A. eBGP Multipath
B. eBGP Multihop
C. BGP Synchronization
D. Public AS numbers

Correct Answer: B

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