Cisco CCNP 642-902 Exam 11


Refer to the exhibit.

EIGRP has been configured on router D. Router C is performing mutual redistribution between EIGRP and OSPF. While verifying that the redistribution is functioning properly, you discover that while router C has all of the EIGRP routes in its routing table, router A does not have any routes from the EIGRP domain. What on router C may be the cause of the problem?

A. The no auto-summary command needs to be added under router eigrp 1.
B. The subnets keyword was not included in the redistribute command under router ospf 1.
C. The metric specified for the redistributed EIGRP routes is too large; making the EIGRP routes unreachable by router A.
D. The default-information originate command needs to be added under router ospf 1.
E. The administrative distance of either OSPF or EIGRP must be changed so that EIGRP has a higher administrative distance than OSPF.

Correct Answer: B

During the redistribution process configured on RTA, some of the EIGRP routes, such as and, are not being redistributed into the OSPF routing domain.

Which two items could be a solution to this problem? (Choose two.)

A. Change the metric-type to 2 in the redistribute command.
B. Configure the redistribute command under router eigrp 1 instead.
C. Change the EIGRP AS number from 100 to 1 in the redistribute command.
D. Add the subnets option to the redistribute command.
E. Change the metric to an EIGRP compatible metric value (bandwidth, delay, reliability, load, MTUs) in the redistribute command.

Correct Answer: CD

Given the accompanying output, which additional command is needed to redistribute IGRP into EIGRP?

A. Under the router igrp mode add redistribute eigrp 123
B. Under the router eigrp mode add redistribute igrp 123
C. Under the router eigrp mode add redistribute igrp 123 subnets
D. None, EIGRP and IGRP are automatically redistributed in this instance.

Correct Answer: D

Which command will display EIGRP packets sent and received, as well as statistics on hello packets, updates, queries, replies, and acknowledgments?

A. debug eigrp packets
B. show ip eigrp traffic
C. debug ip eigrp
D. show ip eigrp interfaces

Correct Answer: B

Which three statements are true about EIGRP operation? (Choose three.)

A. When summarization is configured, the router will also create a route to null 0.
B. The summary route remains in the route table, even if there are no more specific routes to the network.
C. Summarization is configured on a per-interface level.
D. The maximum metric for the specific routes is used as the metric for the summary route.
E. Automatic summarization across major network boundaries is enabled by default.

Correct Answer: ACE

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